Teton River

Hopper Time on the Teton

Mr. Wimpy - biggest fish on a tough day on the Teton

There here! Hoppers! Fish are keyed in on them and hungry. Throw a hopper dropper rig at the bank and hold on. While hoppers get a lot of play, don't overlook other terrestrials like beetles and ants, both of which can stay afloat with a size 10 Copper John hanging off it. Try dropping Hare's Ear, Princes, or Pheasant tail, any size to present a double threat to unsuspecting fish.

Not a good night on the Teton

Had a slow night on the Teton River on the Newdale downstream section. Hooked up on a fish using a black rubberleg on our nymph rig and battled a Cutthroat snagged with a Lightning Leach streamer tied by Brandon Huerta. There were minimal rises and little takers underwater. I'm not very familiar with this part of the river so I can't tell you if this is normal for this time of year and it will heat up soon or if it was simply an off day for fishing.


Teton river fished it today 11/17/11 at bates bridge and just back rowed up a ways it was pretty windy out as it has been for the past few days. There as been a few midges and very few bluewing olives and when they are there the wind has blown them off so riser action is far and few between for now.

fishin on teton is awesome right now!

the teton is money right now! fishin with hopper dropper set up. streamers are doing great to. go out and have fun!!


The river has risen two feet in the past 48 hours and is running around 2300 CFS. Fishing will probalby be tough until the levels start to settle down or stabilize.

Teton River

On the lower river twitching big foam patterns against the bank is working good with all the hoppers on the water.  A very effective method which is not used very often is swinging flies.  Cast across stream and swing the fly just underneath the water in front of the fish.  Good flies for this are size 12-16 soft hackle, renegades, and grifiths knats.

Teton River

The best fishing is in the valley section up towards Driggs and Victor.  Use hoppers, beetles, and ants.  You can also use streamers especially with the cooler weather coming.

Teton River

It's time to use your big hopper patterns.  Use hopper dropper set up with any bead head pattern a foot or so from the hopper.  Don't forget pmds, caddis, and in the evening streamer patterns.    Come check out our selection of terestrials, we have ants, beetles, hoppers, and big attractor patterns like fat alberts and chernobyls.

Teton River

It's fishing well with streamers, pmds, caddis, and hoppers.

Teton River

The river is fishing good.  Use pmds, caddiss, and yellow sallies.  Try using some hopper patterns as well and streamers.
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